Day 20
Positive Surroundings 

Good morning!! It was so awesome to hear people sharing gratitude with others and even personally receiving messages and phone calls of expressing the gratitude challenge. I know many people have busy lives, but I encourage you to live out the challenges of positivity that were presented this week. Now that we are winding down the positivity fast an important factor of maintenance arises. In this process we have to begin to realize who we are to be surrounded by and what things we should allow in our presence in order to move in a more positive direction in life. 

If you haven't done so yet begin to pray that God changes your surroundings and makes you more aware of the things that pull you away from being positive. This could be certain friends, certain music, and certain things you watch on television or even certain places you go. In order to become more positive it is also important to know you are not meant to do it alone. The bible tells us in Proverbs 27:17 that "iron sharpens iron". Some of you have been taking this journey to positivity already with friends or family which is great. Let people you are around know your goals to live more positively so that when they see you slipping they can remind you of who you are striving to be. 

Throughout this fast I have found it to be wonderful in times when things go wrong to have those friends around to remind me that I need to look at or say something more positively. You see, society often encourages us to remain isolated and minimize relationships, or not make new friends, but God wants us in community so that we can hold accountability to each other. This principle goes for far more than positivity but in life (marriage, celibacy, completing school, breaking addiction, etc) we are not meant to do it alone. 

Today I encourage you to start evaluating who is holding you accountable and what surroundings you are in. If you do not have people doing so begin to open up to those around you. If you don't have any positive people around you, I can help connect you to some or help you pray for it. I've heard many great testimonies of people who've asked God for new genuine people in their lives and have received that and much more. Don’t walk this path alone. I hope you all have a wonderful blessed day!! - Monica 

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