21 days of positivity

Hello loves! Just in case you're wondering, yes - I'm still over here celebrating #Summer16, and yes in September because summer isn't officially over until September 22nd!

This summer has been wonderful thus far ( I am eager to share my #Summer16 recap with you next month). Although summer has been amazing, it seems as though September has snuck up on me and bit me on the ankles! Aggghhh, autumn is literally around the corner, and with that revelation, I've been thinking about goals and the last quarter of the year. In mulling these things over mentally, it's easy to get a little discouraged because we haven't accomplished everything on our infamous "to do" lists, and if you're like me that reality can began to take a toll on you mentally, feelings of defeat, despair, and discouragement, if not checked will grow into ugly monsters. Well, don't fret! I've got just the thing to help us get back on track for this last quarter of the year.

Meet Monica, she is the host of the annual mobile 21 Day Positivity Fast. This year, we will participate in the fast on the blog for the next 21 days, I hope you will take part as well! 21 days of positivity to assist us with finishing 2016 strong. Please share with a friend! Be blessed!

21 Days of Positivity

Hello, I'm Monica! If you were to ever meet me in person, you'd likely find a smile on my face - I am a 29 year old Christian (bible believing, Jesus loving, transparent, people loving, down to earth, giving and caring type Christian). 
In 2010, I was forced to do some introspection; after going through a rough summer, and being around so much negativity. I knew that I could not live like this anymore, and needed a change. I am known by many for my infectious smile and my positive attitude, however my reality during that time was that my thoughts, actions and words weren't so positive, and my smile wasn't very infectious. As I prayed about everything that was happening, God placed it on my heart to fast from all of the negativity and focus on the positive things in my life (Philippians  4:8). 
I asked a few friends to join me on my fast and thus the beginning of the 21 Days of being intentional about positive thoughts, words and actions began. 
Some may ask "Why 21 days?", because it generally takes 21 days to start or break a habit. This 21 day fast allows myself and those who participate a chance to purposefully think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report. Choosing to think positive is not an easy task, especially in today's day and age, however through Christ it is possible (Philippians 4:13 I [we] can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me [us].)
Now in our 6th year, we have had over 100 people participate in the 21 Day Positivity Fast. This fast is so meaningful to me because every year I experience significant change in my life and thoughts. I am committed to this journey, and want everyone who participates to experience the same growth and victory that I have experienced. During the fast I wake up each morning and seek the Lord, each message is written on the morning that it is sent, and is a culmination of what God places on my heart.
I am also blessed daily with fresh perspective, and I love hearing how the daily message was significant in speaking to different people in many ways. My desire is to spread positive outlooks to all, so that we can share a more positive, enriching life experience in this world. I pray that the fast is a blessing to you this year! 
Each one, reach one (or two or 3),

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