Speak Life

Day 8

Good morning!! We are starting our second week of positivity, I hope you are getting in the swing of things, and I encourage those who haven’t done the forgiveness challenge to give it a try. We are focusing on positive thoughts, WORDS and actions so let’s look at the tongue. The tongue is such a tricky thing that can easily take us out of our positive mindset or can cause negative actions.(Read James 3:1-12)

Take a pause and tame your tongue

The same small tongue that we use to say how great God is, can be the same little thing we use to curse those around us. Reflect. What kind of words come out of your mouth? Are you uplifting or are you tearing down? Are you speaking things that you would be embarrassed if the person you are speaking about found out? Are you speaking things that you would be embarrassed if children repeated? Are you keeping a positive mind but a negative mouth? Is profanity a regular thing for you? “Don’t use foul or abusive language” Eph. 4:29. A lot to reflect and all of this can be difficult to control. However a great question to ask is, do you pause before you speak? I know personally this has been one of the difficult things to change over the years however over prayer and time, it is possible to improve. 

Today I encourage you to start being more aware of the words you are speak. Take a pause and tame your tongue. Have a blessed positive day! -Monica

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