Loved to Love.

Good morning!!! This has been heavy on my heart to share this morning. Our positivity truly expands with understanding that we are loved. Not temporarily, not superficially, but unconditionally loved. Many people know the Bible verse John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…” however do you live by that knowledge that you are loved?


When we truly grasp this concept that we are loved by God we do not hold mere humans to such a high standard to love us. This knowledge should push you to love others even more than you are worried about how they love you. I know this sounds complex to some and I want you to read 1 John 4:16-21 in depth. In verse 19, it tells us that “we love each other because He (God) loved us first.” What it does not say is only love your friends, family or select few, it tells us love each other. This may be hard as we know people do things at times that honestly make them EXTREMELY hard to love. Let’s remember that we don’t choose not love them, we just choose to not like their behaviors. You can love someone or show love to someone without approving their behaviors, choices or attitudes. Think about it, God still shows us love despite our sinful nature and although he does not approve of our behaviors, He still loves us. A parent loves their child even if they do not approve of their disobedience, but they still manage to love them. This proves we have the ability to love those even if we do not like their behaviors. So let’s begin to think about how we are or are not showing love to those around us and how we can show love more on purpose. Today let’s choose love! I know this can be tough, BUT GOD. If anyone needs additional prayer or encouragement on this please feel free to reach out via the email icon at the bottom of this post. Sending much love your way!!! God bless. - Monica

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