I want it.

Good morning!! Today I want us to focus on wanting what others have. The last commandment tells us “You must not covet (yearn to possess) your neighbor's house…” Exodus 20:17. Let’s take a moment to reflect on it. How many things have you simply wanted because someone else had it, and it caused you to respond negatively if you were unable to obtain it? This can come easy in a society where advertising is the norm. I mean think about what most ads do, they set you up to see something and make it look appealing to the point that you feel you need it and have to have it or you will feel unsatisfied. How this applies to our day to day is it causes us to not notice how we tend to want what others have. 
              DAY 3
This could relate to wanting the life we “think” someone has, the job that someone has, marriage, baby, (the list goes on…). This leads to negativity because you are not content where God has you and discontentment can cause conflict, depression or even asking/praying to God “why not me”. The more you focus on those things that you do not have the less you can open your heart to appreciate the season you are in and what you do have. Even further do you really want the truth of what the person experienced to get there? Your story is not meant to be anyone else's. I challenge you when you begin to feel that urge to yearn for what someone else has ask yourself, “Why do I want it?”. So let's shift to a positive mindset and begin being GENUINELY happy for those in season of success or breakthrough and being content in our own season as we are being perfected. I mean no one could do a better job at being YOU. Have a positive, content day!!! -Monica

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