Day 18

Smiling in spite of

Good morning!! I hope that you have been remembering your random and intentional acts of kindness. Spread the positivity even if you are struggling yourself, it will make you feel better. One way we can spread positivity is to smile. Though it may seem small we do not know how it may impact someone's day or even encourage them to smile. Even when you are not having the best of days there is so much power in your ability to smile. It is the “in spite of” choice. In spite of my day I will choose to smile, I will choose to be positive. In spite of my circumstance I will choose to be intentional about how I treat others. 


There is an anonymous quote that says "your smile is a gift to the world". You may not be able to gift the world with materialistic things but you have the impact and ability to smile as a gift. Some people accept the fact that they "look mean" to others even if they are nice and just expect people to go out their way and approach them (which may happen sometimes) but it's not okay. 

Start being intentional about smiling just because with people you know and people you encounter, as well as saying good morning, etc. Don't get comfortable in not radiating your positivity to others. Fun research fact they've found smiling helps with certain health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improves mood, relieves stress, strengthens your immune system, lessens pain and simply smiling is contagious. 

I encourage you today to begin practicing improving the frequency of your smile! Have a fantastic day smile filled day!!! - Monica

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