Forgiveness is for YOU

Day 7
Good morning! Yesterday we reflected on why we need to forgive. Forgiveness is an action. It is consistent and becomes a lifestyle just as positivity is. There are countless reasons you should forgive but many don't know how. How can you forgive the person who may have caused you so much pain or just offended you? How can you forgive the parent, ex, violator, etc., who brought negative things your way? Faith and Love. We have faith that God will work things out for our good and His glory so we have faith that at the end of the situation we will be good and there is a reason to grow from. There is ALWAYS a positive. We learned about loving those who are difficult to love and this is an ideal opportunity to love when someone has hurt you. Does it mean they are right? No. It simply means that you will allow God to be the one to convict them in His time. So I challenge you this today, write a list of people that you harbor unforgiveness with whether it be recent or for years. Write near their names how long you have held onto this hurt. Then I want you to pray for them and allow God to lead you to genuinely forgive them in the most appropriate way. If you take time to do this, simply send a message via the comment section stating “Done”. I will start by saying “Done”. I wish you a blessed day!! --Monica

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