Sensing your senses

Day 9

Good morning!! As important as it is to watch what you say it is also good that you are aware of how you are using your other senses. Two of them in particular we want to focus on today are your eyes and your ears. 

What you see and hear can easily become something that either causes you to sin, create a negative mindset or simply becoming numb to it where you have no emotion. An example might be that you watch so many fighting videos that as you are watching someone get beat up you have no emotion to stop it. And with that same scenario another outcome could be that you yourself begin to feel that the answer is fighting, and that there is nothing wrong with fighting.

If you hear someone say something enough times there is a high chance that you will replay it in your mind and that could cause you to believe the negative things they say or to become negative yourself. Matt 5:28 says “anyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery” which is an example of how powerful your eyes can connect to your thoughts and actions.  
 Sense Your Senses
What are you watching or listening to that causes you to slip back negatively? Maybe it's the people you’re around, things you watch, music you listen to, whatever it may be that prompts negativity. Spend today reflecting on these things and become more intentional about what you take in. Remember it's your gift. Praying for you all! Have a blessed, positive day!! -Monica

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