Matters of the heart

Day 6
Good morning!! Yesterday we focused on loved to love, and to make that even more clear today we want to look at something that keeps us from loving others often; unforgiveness. 

Unforgiveness is one of the big things that make it hard to be positive. Think about it, you are in a great mood and having a great day but then you see someone who did something to you in the past and your mood completely switches up. Even further it causes those who are around you, who may know about the situation to add into the negative feelings. Or another example your spouse or significant other does something and you are holding on to it days later, you end up having negative feelings in your heart and worse your living environment. Yet through both of these examples you try to move on as if everything else is okay. 

You can’t pray for God to make you more positive while you are harboring unforgiveness. The bible tells us “But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your sins, too” Mark 11:25. 

How much unforgiveness are you harboring? We are not sinless, and daily we are forgiven by God. I know that if you are on this challenge/fast you want to make changes and hopefully are praying on those changes; so clear your heart to receive all the positive things to come.  

Today I want you to begin reflecting on your most recent dealings with unforgiveness and begin to forgive. Tomorrow we will continue to reflect on practical ways to forgive. As always you are welcome to reach out for prayer or encouragement via the comment box on the blog, as I know this is one of the hardest topics to deal with. Have a blessed & beautiful day! -Monica

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