Day 4
Good morning!! Confidence can at times be something that blocks us from being positive. Insecurities and doubt can breed much negativity. Many of us have a hard time seeing how our insecurities affect those around us but some of us already know it does. An example may be how you respond in offense to something that is said due to your own insecurities with a certain matter. 

As we reflected yesterday on wanting what others have, we can also lose confidence in ourselves through comparisons to others. Maybe you have someone in your life who you feel is smarter, more attractive, more well off and in turn it causes you to feel that you are not as significant. This can hold you back from your calling or cause you to not walk confidently in your purpose. This may also cause you to be overly critical of yourself and not truly love who you are. We have to have confidence in who we are created to be and even further in our Creator. The bible says you are “I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made….” (Psalm 139:14). It encourages you to praise God for the way that He created you. With NO MISTAKES. How much more positive could we be if we praised God for who he made us to be? When those struggles arise, which is common, we have to be able to trust in our confidant who we can lay all these insecurities to. Are you confident in your confidant? (Read Jeremiah 17:7) 

         You're a blessing 

Let’s begin to thank God for who we are and the positive changes we are making. I know that each and every one of you is special and am eager to hear you Confidently being more positive by loving who you are! Have a wonderful day! -Monica

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