Lighten your Load

Day 17

Lighten your Load

Good evening!! As I have prayed for many of you over the past few days, I know that positivity is not always easy especially in the midst of trials or uncertainty. I encourage you to etch on your heart the importance of not worrying about what is beyond your control. Matt 6:34 tells us "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." No matter how much you worry, your worry won’t change the outcome -choose to live for today. 

The scripture attached tells us that we must strip ourselves of everything that weighs us down or trips us up. Many of us are trying to go to a positive place with non-positive things. We must lay it all aside to be able to run this race of life God has before us. Even the weight of worrying about your future or the next steps. That is a burden that the Lord has already taken for you. As we keep our eyes on the Lord we know he has already overcome so much that it automatically calls you to be an overcomer. His outcome He ended up on top and I want you all to know you WILL end up on top, when you lay aside all the things that are far beyond your control and the things that you know you shouldn’t be doing or speaking. 

Step by step, day by day. 

Though you do not have control over the outcome, we have control over the choices. Let’s choose today to lighten our load. Running this race with you. --Monica B. 

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