When life gives you lemons...


In life you will experience many ups and downs… How will you handle them? Will you sit back and allow defeat to run it’s course in your life, or will you squeeze that lemon, add some sugar and water to it and make a glass of refreshing lemonade?

The choice is your’s! We are all faced with difficulites, road blocks, boulders and detours! These can range from the loss of a job, financial trouble, car trouble, family issues, health issues or any other issue that makes you want to throw in the towel. What I advise is that you cancel your subscriptions to those issues… IMMEDIATELY!

The key is to take a moment and be thankful! Yeeeaaaah… I know that may sounds like a cliche… and you may be wondering… “Be thankful for what…?” How about being thankful for “LIFE” itself! The fact of the matter is that you are here to experience another day! You are here to conquer this test or trail… You are here to triumph over this… You are here to encourage someone else (Even if it’s in the future… You can then say ” I’ve been through that and this is how I succeeded”)

Choosing to have the right attitude can help you to think clearly in stressful circumstances, it can also change your outlook on things.

Remember when life gives you lemons… Make sweet refreshing lemonade and enjoy! =)

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