Stay the course!


Stay the course!

Good Afternoon! Today I want to remind you to stay the course. Remember small changes do add up; over time not overnight!

With everything going on in our busy lives it is so easy to get distracted or even discouraged when things seem as though they are taking too long or if you stray off course a little tiny bit (Double chocolate brownie sundae with extra whipped cream!!!). =)

Don’t allow these small setbacks to keep you from reaching your desired goals! Allow yourself the flexibility to deviate off track a little bit… and I do mean a little bit… But do it with moderation… Have self control. Let’s say you want a Hershey with almonds… Well… Go ahead, eat it… But eat half instead of the whole thing (Just don’t eat half a bar a day!) You’ll be delightfully surprised of the internal gratification! On the other hand there will be times that you’ll need to deny yourself that instant sugar gratification… But again… You’ll be amazed by the way you feel after you began dictating to your body what will and will not happen!! You are the boss not your stomach, eyes, taste buds or feelings! Take charge!

This principle can be applied to every area of your life… Remember small changes = BIG results! Sucess is determined by how YOU handle setbacks!

YOU CAN DO IT!! Stay encouraged! =)

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