Face your fears


Have you ever heard of the saying "You can’t conquer what you don’t confront!”? If not, you have now! =)

I love this saying because it’s so true… Naturally, we love to avoid and look over things… We know that chores need to be done and we procrastinate, or we may need to balance our checkbook, and we decide to do it later… or how about re-organizing that close, or cleaning out the garage or basement. Some of us may be facing even more serious situations, such as employment issues, family or friendship troubles or deeper more serious internal issues.

Whatever the issue is, I’d like to admonish you to FACE IT! Sometimes when we allow things to fester in our minds they become a bit more complicated in our heads than they would be if we would just let them out and deal with them. In this new year of 2010, I pray that you have the courage and strength that you need to face your fears! It wont be easy, but it is POSSIBLE!

■If you know that you have a dream inside of you that is burning like a fire… Take the first step… That may be just writing the vision or dream down on paper.

■If you know that you’d like to lose some weight… Take the first step… Do a work out tape at home, or even better if you’re a member at a gym that you’re paying a membership for but haven’t frequented lately… Get there and
work it out!!! =)

■If you want a better job… Start working on your resumé and then post it online and apply for a few positions… Know that you are valuable and you deserve more.

■If you have a toxic relationship in your life… Be honest with yourself and then be honest with that person. Maybe this person shouldn’t be involved in your “inner circle” (It’s Purging Time!) and don’t feel bad about making decisions that are best for “YOU” - “People do what you allow them to do to you!”. It can be your your boss, co-worker, mom, dad, sister, brother, child, or friend… REMEMBER… They do what you allow! Think about that!

■Say NO… If you’re the type of person that is fearful of what people may say of think and you often put yourself waaaayyy out there to satisfy others… SHOUT NO!!!! =)

■Are you feeling depressed or discouraged? Try journaling your thoughts, surrounding yourself with positive people, or talking to someone that you can trust and confide in (a counselor, pastor, close friend or relative)

■Or maybe you are facing financial troubles….Maybe you are unable to pay your bills and this is stressing you out. You may be fearful of losing your home, car, or job… My advice would be to call and speak to your creditors. Maybe they can defer a payment for you or maybe they can put you on a payment arrangement. Take a look at your local state government website to see if they have any programs that may be able to help you out.

Remember at the end of the day, you’re the only person that can control your fearfulness and unhappiness… Circumstances and money don’t create happiness… They make things a little easier in some cases, but they don’t create happiness (Just look at the many depressed ”celebrities”…).

Today is the day to take charge, face your fears and set the course so that you have a great year!


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