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I woke up today around 6am and I lie in bed wondering whether or not I should go to the gym… Many negative thoughts danced through my mind… It’s too late…I’ll start fresh tomorrow… I won’t get anything done within this short amount of time and blah blah blah…

Still lying in the bed I turned on the television and began watching Joyce Meyer… She was talking about changing yourself from the inside out… And suddenly it hit me like a brick! I am always mumbling and complaining about the things that I’d like to change… and that’s it... I mumble and complain… and mumble and complain… So I hopped out of bed and headed to the gym!

As I got into the car and turned the radio on Square Biz By Teena Marie was playing… So I cranked it up LOUD! Being outside felt great, I felt empowered and renewed!!

When I got to the gym I worked out for 30 minutes, and did 2 miles on the elliptical! I figured; hey, it’s better than nothing at all! Workout done! Now I have my whole evening to do whatever I want… Yay!!!!

So this evening, I will be taking one of my good friends out to dinner for her birthday! Without the regret or remorse of not working out!

Remember change begins with making a choice and following through with it. Slowly but surely step by step you’ll see results! As my father would say “If you always do what you’ve always done… you’ll always have what you have now!”

Have a great day! =)

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