Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I'm super excited about the things that will transpire this year; those known and unknown! ;) As many do during this time, I've taken introspection and made the decision to change a few things in my life, to ensure that I am living every moment this year to the fullest!

If you haven't done this I encourage you to do so. Take time to focus on what you could have done better, or maybe what you could have accomplished if not for procrastination. Then set goals and take the steps, and get "it" done this year! SIMPLE.

I pray that you will have a successful year filled with your dreams and passions manifesting right before your eyes. Be encouraged and stay focused. The BEST IS YET TO COME!!

Helpful tips
1. Think about your life and what about it you would like to be different. Be specific about what you want to change.
2. Write down exactly what you want to achieve. List short term goals and long term goals. (Again be very specific)
3. Record  your goals in positive terms. Instead of  saying " I want to stop sleeping in" try "My goal is to get up at 6am each morning."
4. Set realistic and achievable goals. Setting unrealistic goals will only discourage you and make you feel disappointed in yourself.

Be real with yourself. Consider your life, the time you have available, your financial situation and any other obligations or commitments that you have. Balance is key.  Don't compare yourself to others! Ex. If you have children, your goals and what you can accomplish will be different than that of your friend without children. 

The more realistic your goals are the more control you will have in achieving them!

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