Finish Strong

Hello Journey Mates,

As the month of September winds down, I wanted to encourage everyone to stay focused with your fitness goals. The summer is officially over and many of us are looking forward to the holiday season! We will spend precious time with family and friends that we hold dear, and while we're creating all of those lasting memories many of us will be stuffing our faces with all of the homemade goodies!

While it's wonderful to gather with our loved ones, we must acknowledge the fact that all of those extra goodies will lead to extra pounds if we're not careful. Every year many of us eat until our hearts are more than content; pies, cakes, baked macaroni & cheese and everything in between.

Then, just like a vapor the holiday season is over and spring will knock at our doors, and we'll answer, but with an additional 5-10 pounds...
This season do something different! CHANGE!!!

Let's purpose to stay on track with our fitness goals, Let's choose to cook and eat a little healthier. When spring knocks at our doors, not only we will open them with joy, but we won't have any feelings of regret because we need to lose weight, due to our extra yummy holiday season.

Here are a few tips to help keep you on track :)

  1. Set Goals: Setting specific goals to accomplish specific eating and exercise habits are an important first step because they establish the direction and outcomes you want.
  2. Select Activities: Plan specific activities and fitness programs that you will engage in throughout the rest of the year to keep yourself fit. Plan to take walks during lunch or small breaks, park at the end of the parking lot at the grocery store, schedule workout/fitness times for yourself throughout the week .
  3. Plan Meals: Plan your meals and find ways to modify your existing recipes to make them healthier! Small changes have huge results. Use less sugar, salt or butter. Drink water instead of soda, snack on fruit instead of chips, or bake or broil meats instead of frying them etc.
If you make the smallest of changes, I can guarantee that you'll have an outcome that is reward worthy; a healthier you! Spring 2012 can be spent thinking about how wonderful the summer will be and what you'll be wearing to the beach!

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