Are you a time waster? Do you spend countless hours doing meaningless things that don’t add any value to your life? Sometimes we need down time, it’s necessary to recharge, but remember, all things must be done in balance.

Happy New Year! We’re in the 7th day of the New Year! Isn’t that exciting? It’s been one full week, so the question is, what have you accomplished thus far? If you’re like me, 2010 was a hectic, trying year filled with a lot of unexpected changes and situations. But, nevertheless, I’ve made it through and so have you! We have been given another chance, another day, another week! So, what are we doing to make this month a productive month? I have a few ideas listed below. I pray that something listed here is beneficial for you.

Peace, blessings and much love! XO

Give yourself enough time – Rushing causes you to forget things and feel stressed. When you are not prepared for your day you waste time doing unnecessary things to supplement what should have been done already. Resist the urge to hit snooze. GET UP!

Plan your day – Get a day –planner, or an electronic planner. Keep tabs on what your obligations are from day to day, and try to the best of your ability to stick to your plans. Remember someone’s poor planning is not your emergency! Always leave room for unexpected events and always have a “Plan B”.

Say NO! – If you don’t control your time, people will do it for you. When asked to attend events, parties or meetings that you know will not be beneficial to your life, say no (decline nicely), and let the chips fall where they may. You can’t please everyone all the time. Find something constructive to do with your time. Even if it’s just relaxing! You DESERVE IT.

Turn it off – Television can be a time zapper. Limit yourself to a few hours of watching a day or only on weekends. If you don’t discipline yourself in this area, you’ll find that you’ve wasted countless hours watching nonsense! You could have cleaned your home, balanced your finances, spent quality time with your spouse or children, read a book or much more. BE PRODUCTIVE!

Computer time – Okay, this is all I have to say about computer time… Avoid excessive game playing, facebooking or tweeting, it can be addictive. If you’re being paid or it’s your job that’s one thing, but if you’re not… (crickets chirping) You get the picture! Limit your computer time and discipline yourself in this area immediately. You may need to fast from these things for a while until you get a handle on this area (Just a thought).

Schedule your day
Give yourself plenty of time
Work on creating the "right" type of habits
Use your "idle" time to your advantage
Use technology wisely, don’t allow technology to use you!
Never procrastinate
Evaluate what your "time wasters" are and avoid them at all costs


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