Living life on purpose

Yesterday I attended an amazing women’s conference, I was surrounded by women of great faith and wisdom. It was truly a privilege to able to sit and absorb what they had to offer.

My personal belief is that time is the most precious thing that we have on earth, it’s something that you can never get back once it’s used. Spend your time wisely, by gaining knowledge and experiences that will edify and motivate you to become a better person. Then take what you learned and apply it.

(Side Note: It is wise to remain teachable. Never forsake wisdom from those who are more seasoned in certain areas than you, or from those who are where you desire to be.)

Here are a few practical principles from the event:

True success comes from knowing and discovering the will of God for your life.

Re-evaluate your 2011 plans and make sure that they are God’s plans not your plans

Repent from all darkness (sin)

Don’t waste time being complacent

Be quick to listen, and slow to speak

Be patient

Never be too prideful, pride leads to sin

Be real (be honest with yourself)

Write out decrees from God’s word concerning the things you want in your life. Then
work your faith to bring those decrees into fruition – Hebrews 11:6

Only be moved by what you know God’s word states, don’t be moved by what you see = FAITH

Remember free people, free people! Help others out if you have the ability. Don’t be selfish!

I pray that in 2011, you begin to live your life on purpose!

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