It's our 3 year anniversary!

Hello Journey mates !

I'm so excited! Today is our 3 year anniversary!!! I love blogging! In fact after I watched the movie "Julie Julia", I gained the courage to start this blog on Wordpress. Later in the year, I found a designer and I shared what my heart’s desire was for the outlay and voila! Change Made Simple was born at! I enjoy encouraging people and it is my desire that every person that visits this blog will read something meaningful, something that they'll be able to carry with them on their journey into becoming the person that God intended for them to be!

 In honor of our 3 year anniversary, I'm giving away 3 of my favorite things (new for you of course!)!!  

What's the catch? Just answer a few questions... (Submit your answers in the comment section and please include your email address)

 My first blog entry was 8/17/2009... Tell me what I was struggling with doing that morning, who motivated me on television, and what song was playing in the car on the radio... That's it! 

Favorite Thing #1 - A business card holder (It's actually a coin purse, but works way better as a business card holder) I carry this every day, it's chic, stylish, functional and it's pink (my favorite color)!

Favorite Thing #2 - A Starbucks gift card! My mom gave me a loaded gift card at the beginning of the summer! Let's just say it was God sent! (My favorite drink to purchase is a green tea frappuccino!)

Favorite Thing #3 - Nail polish of course! Confession: I carry a spare bottle in my bag just in case a chip occurs during the day and I need to touch it up! I recently discovered a new brand "Nicka" it dries quickly, and it doesn't contain formaldehyde and tourmaline. (You're getting my favorite color Plumeria (I have been wearing this color all summer and will likely rock it in the fall!, along with a mystery color, and bottle of calcium gel which I use as a base coat!) That's 3 bottles!!! 

Good Luck & Thanks for taking this journey with me! 

Thanks for your entries!

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  1. 1. You were struggling with wether or not to go to the gym.
    2. You were motivated by Joyce Myers.
    3. The song playing on the car radio was Square Biz by Teena Marie!
    Please contact me via:


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