Welcome autumn! Life is beautiful!

Holá (I am taping into my Dominican side)! 

Happy autumn! This year has been great so far...  I've endured ups and downs, joys and pains, laughs and tears, as well as my team (Boston Celtics) losing the championship game and one of the star players jumping ship for Miami Heat..., but overall its been Ah-may-zing! The experiences that I've had have really allowed me to look at life in a totally different way, a more positive purposeful way. I can say that I have grown and been stretched beyond my comfort zone. I am abundantly blessed with the friends, family and associates that surround me with love; without their support and prayers I don't know where I'd be. I am ever so grateful and thankful for them. Appreciate the life that you have been blessed with. XOXO

Below are some pictures from my spring/summer! I pray that you enjoy them and continue living your life on purpose. Looking forward to an amazing autumn/winter! (Pics are in no particular order) :)
Some of  the highlights from my year thus far:

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