Life Lessons.

Good Morning Journey Mates,

I have survived my birthday weekend! HALLELUJAH!

That statement is so true, I really survived. This has been the wildest birthday weekend ever, and not wild as in party, party, party... I have been tried and tested in every possible area, but I am still standing!!! I am the VICTOR!

God has taught me so much during these past few days. I can honestly say that I am a wiser, stronger woman. Although I faced many trials, I continually sought the Lord for direction. I'm not saying that I didn't make any bad decisions, because I did. However, once I realized that I made those decisions I allowed God to help me rectify them.

Besides all of the drama that went on, the continually outpouring of love from my family and friends helped me through, and for that I am ever so grateful.

Over the weekend, a dear friend gave me a large glass candle holder and it had an inscription on it. It's a phrase that is so familiar, but when she gave it to me as a gift in the midst of all that was going on it, it ministered life to me!

Remember in the midst of all things peace and blessings manifest with EVERY lesson learned... E.Badu

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