Believe you can and do it!

A "go getHER" is a woman that is focused on achieving success (as SHE defines it) spiritually, physically, emotionally AND financially with a commitment to grow, learn and DO what it takes to go get it!

The above term "go getHER" is coined by a dear internet sister-friend of mine, Montina, founder of Organic Life Products Inc. Organic Life Products provide natural, affordable organic products and services that enhance beauty. Check them out! Organic Life Products Inc.

Today I want to introduce you to a "go getHER", her name is Ryan and her story is below. I pray that you are encouraged and strengthened to never give up, to reach for your dreams and to believe in yourself.

During a routine visit to the doctor in 2009, my doctor asked “Ryan, what was your pre- pregnancy weight?” Sadly, I couldn’t remember, and with my eldest child being 10 at the time I hadn’t really thought about it. Most of my life I was considered big or plus size, and for some odd reason after my doctor asked that question, considering my age, and the current weight I was (299lbs) I realized that the road I was heading down was deadly, and I was heading there FAST per my doctor!

After much thought, I realized that have I never taken time to take care of me… Being a busy working mom of two, there has ALWAYS been something that came before me! Then it hit me, at that very moment I KNEW things had to change!

So I decided to do a rundown of my eating habits for a day, and when I looked at the results I was FLOORED!!! My calorie intake for just one day was close to 3200 calories! No wonder I was a pound away from 300lbs at the age of 31! For years I had fooled myself into thinking that my height would kind of "take away" or "balance out" my weight... After coming up with EVERY excuse that I could think of as to why at the tender age of 31 I was 300lbs, and hadn’t done anything about yet, not one was valid! I realized for every one of my excuses God hit me with a “Why not?” or a “What's stopping you?”...

That was it; I couldn’t deny myself anymore from FINALLY taking care of ME! After a COMPLETE redo of my daily calorie intake by my doctor and the addition of some form of exercise, which I had never done in my LIFE (LOL) my journey began, physically and mentally!

I started off walking, which as I think back, was so difficult for me; it was hard for me to complete a lap around the track! (LOL) To know now that I am able to run a few miles is mind blowing… Wow talk about coming along way!

All in all the thoughts that stuck with me and still remain with me until this day are “you have to start somewhere” and “ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES!” Proper thinking along with much support from family and friends have helped me through this journey. For those days when I didn't want to work out or I wanted to give up I would look at old pictures of myself, I didn’t want to be “her” any longer. I couldn't even remember that person I used to be, it was like I didn't even know that person anymore! My commitment to lose weight and live a healthier life was not easy, but I stuck with it! I began posting things like “time to work out”, “cardio" and calorie count facts stats daily on Facebook ( I wanted accountability), and the amount of encouragement and support from my Facebook family and friends was OVERWHELMING, especially on the days I didn't quite feel like working out. They all motivated me, and little do they know that they play in big role in pushing me to keep going!

The results of my weight loss are great (not to mention the new wardrobe!); my Facebook post were motivating others to start working out and eating right, and the way I felt INSIDE was priceless, and today I wouldn't dare trade that feeling for the world!


  1. Congratulations on your life change. I am 5'5 130 lbs and I can't run a mile, hell not a half a mile. Proof that being thin does not equal healthy! So again I applaud you.

  2. Yes, you're so right... Thin does not equal healthy! I've learned that! Ryan has really accomplished something amazing.

    Thanks for commenting :)


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