What's your viewpoint? Are you looking at the glass half full or half empty. Do you see a set-up for a great opportunity or a setback?

The way you choose, (Yes, I said "you choose") to view situations and circumstances in your life are totally up to you. Life is unscripted! There is nothing certain, nor is there anything new under the sun. You will be thrown monkey wrenches, screw drivers, chainsaws, and any other tool that you can imagine being thrown at you! On top of that, what your going through may be horrible, but guess what? There is someone, somewhere that is going through something similiar, the same, or worse. That's the harsh reality!

My advice to myself and to you is to stop feeling sorry for yourself, brush off and keep going!

  • Find someone to talk to that you know will motivate you to do better.

  • Don't talk to people who will encourage you to feel sorry for yourself

  • Do not seclude yourself from people. It will lead to depression.

  • Go for a walk. Admire nature.

  • Be thankful, for the little things (Clean drinking water)

  • Excercise (If you can) It increases your mood & gives you energy.

  • Open your curtains and blinds. Sunlight brings happy energy.

  • Look for a new job (If your job is your issue)

  • Read uplifting books (The Bible, devotional books, motivational magazines)

  • Listen to uplifting music.

  • Stay away from negativity at all cost (Every kind - people, movies, music, places)
Be Blessed!! XO

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