Me embracing change...

So, after a long conversation with a close friend. I made a decision to dedicate the next three months to becoming debt free (excluding my car loan). It was a hard decision, because I'd rather spend $500 on a new handbag and an uber cute outfit, rather than paying off a bill that "I" charged up... Sad... I know! But many of you are in the same boat! (HELLO)

I will be totally honest with you... I am a little frightened. Only because I know that this decision will require a great amount of discipline and sacrifice... (OUCH my foot). Believe it or not I was actually at Macy's today, yes Macy's, looking at a pair of chocolate brown knee high leather boots! Yes, and they were on super sale... (I said) Super sale! The boots were $99.00, and they were marked down to $26.49!!! I tried on one boot and walked around in it... (Ugh, my heart is racing) but, I didn't buy the boots, or any other boots for that matter! See I did it!!! That $26 can go towards paying off a bill! So, I was victorious today (Pats self on the back)!

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with purchasing yourself nice things, however if it's putting you into debt, you need to re-evaluate your spending habits. Be real with yourself and get things in order!

This was not me today! LOL (laugh out loud)

My goal is to treat myself to a great vacation in the summer (debt free)! I am confident that I can, and I will achieve my goal. If you're in debt you should take the challenge with me! Get outta debt!

Here's to financial freedom!

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